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AX-Factor Dive is able to teach the following courses, which do not require any in water activities!
Let’s use our time wisely and learn more about our marine environment so we get more out of every dive we do in the future.
I find that the more I dive, the more I realise how little I know about the amazing under water world, its magic and wonders!
The more we learn and understand what is happening around us when we enter the water, the more we will actually see, discover and enjoy!

Let’s ‘dry’ dive in and get fully certified in 8 fantastic SSI programs!

For the following 6 courses NO DIVE Qualification is required.
A simple registration with SSI is all you have to do to get certified!


SSI Shark Ecology

This is my favourite and closest to my heart! No dive experience or dive certification required! Everyone welcome who is interested in sharks or especially for people who have a fear of sharks and therefore not going into the ocean! Sharks have such a bad reputation which is not doing them any justice!
Join me in exploring the deep with in depth information and personal experience and photos in virtual classroom sessions.

AUD 199.00


SSI Fish Identification

This is the base knowledge to your diving. A must do course as this is what we are coming to see in the first place. Being able to identify the fish you see make every dive so much more enjoyable and interesting!

AUD 149.00


SSI Coral Identification

As a newcomer or beginner it would be fair to say that you would like to dive in a coral reef and warm water! However, the more I dive the more I want to spend hours and hours in a coral reef, during day and night. Knowledge of coral makes every dive so much better!

AUD 149.00


SSI Marine Ecology

Another base course allowing you to make better dive decisions and is a must for any diver or diver to be!

AUD 149.00


SSI Manta and Ray Ecology

Some of the most fascinating fish you can encounter! Mantas (ballerinas of the sea) are gentle, harmless and playful giants. However some rays are dangerous if approached the wrong way! 
A very interesting course to prepare you for a life changing first encounter with a giant Manta Ray!

AUD 149.00


SSI Sea Turtle Ecology

The all time favourites! All Sea Turtles are threatened or endangered and need our help! Education is a key point to their preservation. A course from my heart as I had so many encounters, mating, laying their eggs, saving hatchlings to finding dead turtles floating on the surface, most likely dying from plastic inhalation.
However, my only life threatening situation in the ocean so far from an animal was caused by a turtle… I am telling this story in the course!

AUD 149.00

Prepare for your next dive by bringing your theory up to speed again or finally get into Nitrox!
These 2 courses are for qualified divers only:


SSI SOD – Science of Diving

This course is offered generously to us for FREE by SSI for a limited time only! I have decided to offer this course for free, as a contribution to all my friends, who are already certified! We want you at your best when you get salty again! 
This course is very extensive and covers all theory of the Open Water Course! Perfect for everyone who did a dive course, but hasn’t been diving for a while.


Currently FREE until June 2020!


SSI Nitrox

This course opens up safer diving, faster recovery times and is one of the most important courses to extend your dive experience!

AUD 149.00

SSI digital learning materials are self-paced and can be completed anywhere and any time, once downloaded to your SSI, “My SSI” App.
You will be guided through the course filled with photos, videos and animations! Learn at your leisure and at the end of each chapter, you will answer multiple choice questions.
Once you answered the questions you move onto the next chapter. After you covered all chapters you will finish with the final exams. Once you pass, you are automatically certified.
However, I will be available to answer any questions, as well as running VCs (virtual classroom sessions) to elaborate on certain areas, where the course may only touched a subject and share my personal experiences and photos.

Bundle and Safe!

3 for 2

Pick any 3 Ecology* / ID Courses for the price of 2!
(*excl: Shark Ecology – add AUD 50.00 to include)

Only AUD 398.00

6 for 4

Best Value!

All 6 courses including Shark Ecology!

Only AUD 750.00

All prices include 10% GST, digital certification, all course material and virtual class room sessions. Your certification is digitally send to you!
If you require a card send out to you then allow for an extra AUD10.00/card. Cards will be send to you vial regular mail. 
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