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3.5 km south of Neiafu, in the Village of Toula, Vava`u/Tonga

About AX-Factor Dive

AX-FACTOR Dive is the 1st SSI Dive Center in Tonga, with a world class historic Dive Wreck in front of our property (the Clan Mc Williams, a 127m long Steam Freighter, sunk in 1927) and the discovery of fluorescent coral covering our house reef! Once we are opening, we will offer “walk up diving”. This will be the first shore based walk up diving in Vava’u, making full use of our perfect location and dive products. We are operating at the moment only one small boat to explore the area and to find exciting new dive sites!

This was very successful in 2019, unfortunately Covid19 stopped us from getting to Tonga in 2020 so far.

However, we are committed to start operating as soon as are able and allowed to enter Tonga.

Our future goal is to focus on freediving and become a fully self sufficient dive retreat, waste free and operate with the least environmental footprint as possible. In 2021 we would like to set up a world class free diving facility on the property, teaching free diving, personal development and yoga.

Axel Passeck became a PADI Instructor in 1996 and crossed over in 2019 to SSI. He is a Skipper and has many years experience with day and live aboard charters.

His passion is underwater photography, night diving especially with UV light to discover a new fluorescent world.

Axel and Eske

«Our goal is to provide our guests with the highest customer service and satisfaction possible, with minimal environmental footprint at the best possible price!»

Axel & Eske Passeck


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Red Dog




Red Dog, is a custom build Ally Cat from New Zealand and the perfect diving platform for the Harbor and inner Islands.

It is fast, very shallow draft and easy to anchor, where other bigger boats can’t. It is a perfect viewing platform as only the roof is obscuring the view.

Due to the long Harbor entry, fairly long travel distances to island dive sites can be covered in a short time frame.

It is super easy for divers to get in and out of the water! Surveyed for 4 plus 1 in the Harbour and 3 plus 1 in the inner Islands.

Our Dive Schedule

Available Tours

Tour 1

Historic Dive Wreck Clan Mc Williams!

Just 350m from our Jetty lays the 127m long steel freighter, Clan Mc Williams in 22–37m.
It is a 2 dive experience during the day to really do the wreck justice and an amazing night dive! As this is located in Koko Bay as part of the Harbour, it is completely protected! This is the most reliable dive site in Vava’u!
This dive is for experienced Divers only or min Advanced Diver in accompanied by a Dive Guide.

Max 4 Divers, departure every 90min as per schedule.

Tour 2

2 Island Dives

Depending on the weather conditions and wind direction we will do 2 dives around the inner island group.

Dive Depth from 5-40m possible. Some caves, mainly focusing on coral and macro.

Tour 3

Clan Mc Williams Wreck AT NIGHT! A MUST DO in Vava’u!

Only for divers who have previously dived the wreck and know its layout.

This is one of my favorite night dives as it has so much to offer! The “spookyness” of the wreck at night, amazing open feeding giant pearl shells and fluorescent coral!


Tour 4

Island Night Dives

If the conditions allows we are keen to get to explore the Islands Caves and Coral Gardens at Night! Macro Heaven!

House Reef

At all times our house reef is available to dive. 3-35m sloping wall, protected day and night!

Just grab a new tank and when your dive profile allows you to, hop back in and enjoy a nice dive, which may well be the best Night Dive in your life.

Our house reef is covered in fluorescent coral, stacked with hidden glass shrimps and glass crabs, colorful Murray Eels, and a colony of Elephant Ear Anemone!

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